Relieve Your Neck Pain With Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

I am one of the millions of people around the world who suffer from neck pain. It is often popularly referred to as a stiff neck. What I’m feeling, however, is more than just mere stiffness. What I feel is a real soreness that radiates down my back, and often up to my head and giving me headaches. I have always used non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain, but that is something I don’t want to be dependent on. I need a more natural way of relieving neck pain, and I think I found it in the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow.

A recommendation from a friend who used to feel so much pain in the neck way before I did, the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is probably one of the best pillows for neck pain out there. Actually, it’s good not only for relieving neck pain, but back pain as well. I also love the fact that it can help a user improve his or her posture, although I still have to see in myself a lot of improvement in that department.

One thing I really love about this pillow is the fact that it is machine washable. That is a feature that you won’t find in a traditional pillow, which you could not even wash without some damage to it. It also fits your pillow cases, whatever size they may be so there won’t be a need to buy special ones.

From what I understand, it works by providing light cervical traction as you lie on your back. It also has a noticeable V-shaped depression that actually cradles your head, effectively lifting your head away from your shoulders. Should you roll to your side during sleep, you neck stays protected because it has wings that keep your head at the right height from the mattress.

However, let me be straightforward about one thing: you may continue to suffer neck pain the first few times it is used. I actually almost gave up on it during the first few nights, saying it’s not doing anything for me. The best advice I can give is that you should use it gradually. At the beginning, use it with your old pillow, and only for a couple of hours. As time goes by, increase the number of hours of usage, and you will eventually be comfortable using this pillow, and get that sound sleep that you need. The cost of this pillow is really reasonable, in fact, click here to get the best price on Amazon. There are other pillows that cost more, but do a lot less. And this is from someone who had tried at least three other pillows.

Customize Your Own Ergonomic Pillow

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

I know the feeling when you just can’t sleep at night, tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable spot. What’s worse is that the morning that you wake up, you feel all sorts of neck and back pain. I’ve had this issue for quite some time, things got especially worse after a car accident.

While I was going through physical therapy after the car accident, I had the worst time trying to fall asleep. I asked my therapist at the time to recommend a product or two to help me sleep at night. With some additional research on my own, I decided on Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow.

I didn’t love this pillow at first, in fact, after the first night, I was about to send this back. I am so glad that I didn’t do that. Night two, things started to improve, and the next night things got even better. By the week’s end, I wasn’t going to sleep on a different pillow if you paid me to. You can see a picture of what it looks like below.

What I love about this pillow is that it is ergonomically designed for your size specifically. I’m not a big person by any meaning, and the Petite version worked for me perfectly. The beauty of this pillow is that it helps with your spinal alignment, which is the key to a good night of sleep. Whether you are a side sleep or you like sleeping on your backside, this pillow provides unbeatable support. Speaking from my own experience, it really help me relax.

Most pillows are designed to provide you with adequate head and neck support, these Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow takes a step further by providing flexible cushioning for your jaw. Why is that important? If you or your partner have a snoring problem, and it affects the quality of your sleep, make sure you give this a try.

The price is also something I like about this pillow, compared to similar pillows, this one cost about half as much, click here for the latest sale price. While it may take a couple of days to get use to, ultimately, if you want a quality night of sleep, relax your muscles, and not have neck or back pains when you wake up, it’s a no brainer.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow

We all sleep in various positions, and oftentimes, we end up with stiff neck in the morning. For people who suffer from sleep apnoea, this is a huge concern because they spend most of their time sleeping on their side or back. Without adequate support from the pillow, neck pains are guaranteed. I suffer from a mild form of sleep apnoea and I used different kinds of pillows for neck pain, but none of them seemed to work. Thankfully, I came across a particular brand of pillow and it is called the Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover.

The pillow is unlike any other of the best pillow for neck pain advertised in the market today. The Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover measures at 20” by 12” by 4”. The 4” height of the pillow is enough to guarantee proper spine alignment all throughout the night, so neck pains are minimized or not experienced at all when you use this pillow. Its soft velour cover can be easily removed and cleaned by laundering. The pillow is anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

The ergonomic design of the pillow will help align your spine correctly by providing support for the natural curves of your head and neck, while reducing pressure points to avoid shoulder, neck, and back pains. The Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover is like the luxurious version of its competitor, the Tempurpedic’s Medium Neck Pillow. The only difference here is that the Tempurpedic Pillow sells for a bit more than this product.

I find this pillow to be very helpful in the fight against neck pains. As I mentioned earlier, I have tried every memory pillow I could get my hands on, but none of them came close to the Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover. As a side sleeper, I suffer from chronic neck and back pains, but all that has changed when I used the Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover. If you are looking for a cost-effective memory pillow that will rid you of future neck pains, I recommend the Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow – Luxurious Washable Cover.

Scrunch Pillow

iComfort Scrunch Pillow

Sleep apnoea is a very serious condition where our airway is partially blocked when we sleep. This causes us to SNORE because air is hardly getting in or out. This is usually caused by a misalignment of the spine, particularly within the neck area and it also depends on our sleeping position. I suffer from sleep apnoea and it drives my wife crazy. On top of that, the sleepless nights are also worsened by the fact that I suffer from stiff neck every now and then. You see, I am forced to sleep on my side because it minimizes the snoring.

My doctor has probably recommended a lot of medications to treat my apnoea, but it only took a pillow to solve all of my snoring problems. I had the chance to come across the Queen Size iComfort Scrunch Pillow on one fine sunny day. I recently read articles on the Internet on how pillows with memory cushions are able to lessen the chances of getting stiff neck while sleeping, so I decided to try it out for myself. Take note that the Queen Size iComfort Scrunch Pillow is not a cheap pillow since I bought it for $90 at a discounted rate. If you do not mind the price, this pillow is for you for a good number of reasons.

The Queen Size iComfort Scrunch Pillow measures at 28” x 28”, so it is quite a big pillow. The pillow comes with Cool Action Gel Memory Foam which provides you with total neck and head support. There is nothing unique or new about the design of the pillow, so it gets a few points off in terms of design. In terms of functionality, however, it rakes in a lot of positive reviews on my end.

The Queen Size iComfort Scrunch Pillow was designed in such a way that it alleviates the pressure points and provides relief for head and neck pain. It also helps minimize tossing and turning every night, so you can be sure to get a good night’s sleep. The pillow is also very accommodating for people with sleep apnoea because it provides relief and support for back, stomach, and side sleepers like me. The covers are removable and easy to wash, so cleaning it is not a total burden. On a scale of  1 to 10, I give this pillow a solid 8.9. If you have the same problems as I do, or know anyone who does, the Queen Size iComfort Scrunch Pillow is the best pillow for neck pain.

Serta IComfort Scrunch Pillow, Queen

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